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Bicycle Fitting at Bikes and Moore

Be One With Your Bike

Body Geometry is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony. Body Geometry Fit is ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to maximize power, endurance and comfort through a systematic customization of your bike and equipment. We are proud to have Bennie Joiner and Dustin Slow on staff as our Body Geometry Fit Specialists. They have received extensive training at Specialized Bicycle Components University in Morgan Hill, California. They are experienced in fitting recreational and competitive cyclists, cyclocross riders, triathletes, and mountain bike riders. Call or email us today to schedule your Body Geometry Fit.

body geometry fit

Advanced Sizing

An Advanced Sizing is a great option for cyclists that are new to riding and need their bike adjusted to increase comfort and efficiency. An advanced sizing takes about 30 - 45 minutes to complete and includes the following:

  • Ischial Tuberosity Measurement
  • Foot Structure Measurement
  • Leg Extension
  • Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Bar Rotation and Lever Position


body geometry fit

Body Geometry Fit

The ultimate ride-changing experience. Body Geometry is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider through ergonomically designed and scientifically tested systematic customisation to improve power, endurance and comfort. Be the very best that you can by having your equipment and position tailored to you. Body Geometry can last up to 3 hours and is broken down into 5 major steps shown below.


Step 1 : Pre-Fit Interview

Your Body Geometry Fit Specialist will talk with you about your riding experiences, your overall flexibility, any previous injuries or limitations, and your specific goals.

Step 2 : Ride Analysis

Your Body Geometry Fit Specialist will visually assess your position on the bike while you ride to know how and why adjust the bike accordingly in order to determine the most efficient and comfortable ride position for you. The measurements include:

  • Ischial Tuberosity Measurement
  • Forefoot Angulation
  • Rear Foot Structure
  • Lower Extremity Alignment
  • Level Pelvis
  • Spinal Curve Evaluation
  • Forward Spinal Evaluation
  • Cervical Spine Range of Motion
  • Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Hamstring Flexibility
  • Hip Range of Motion
  • Ankle Range of Motion
  • Leg Length Discrepancy
  • Thomas Test
  • One-Third Knee Bend

Step 3 : The Fit

Once all measurements are documented, the Body Geometry Fit Specialist will make adjustments based off the limitations of your body, starting at the saddle.

  • Saddle Selection
  • Cleat Placement & Rotation
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Handlebar Width
  • Handlebar Reach & Drop
  • Handlebar Rotation & Lever Position
  • Hip Angle
  • Z-Plane Assessment
  • Leg Length Adjustment
  • Arch Support
  • Forefoot Support
  • Stance Width
  • Follow-Up

Step 4 : Product Selection

During the assessment, your BG fitter will use proprietary fitting tools to recommend how to best tailor your equipment choice at the contact points of your bike, such as your shoes, footbeds, and saddle choices.

Step 5 : Follow Up

After a few weeks, your Body Geometry Fit Specialist will follow up with you to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your BG fit. If needed, a free follow-up fit session will be scheduled.