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Parts & Accessories

Origin8 RD-1200 Front Axle
Replacement axle sets for Origin8 RD-1200 series hubs - Front axle - Supplier Part: QA1F - Size: M9x100x108 - Spacing / Axle: QR - Material: Alloy - Thread Pitch: M9 - OLD: 100 - Length: 108
Origin8 Origin8 Hub 10s Cassette Body
Replacement Cassette body for Origin8 hubs - Use: 8-10s Cass
Origin8 Hub Cassette Bodies
$38.79 - $51.59
Replacement Cassette body for Origin8 hubs
Origin8 RD/CX/GX/MT-1110 Elite Skewer
- Elite Series skewers for road, cyclocross, gravel, and MTB applications - AL6061 alloy lever with CrMo axle - Available for 100mm, 130mm, and 135mm OLD spacing - Spacing / Axle: QR - Wt: 53g
Origin8 MT-3100 Spring and Pawl Kit
Origin8 spring and pawl kit for MT-3100 series rear hubs
Origin8 SS-1101 Axle
$32.99 - $34.99
From Origin8 come these replacement hollow track axle sets for SS-1101 hubs.
Origin8 CX/GX/MT/FB-1110 Elite HD Cassette Body
- 6 pawl full engagement/27 point/13.3-degree engagement - Cassette bodies for Elite Series CX/GX/MT/FB-1110 hubs - Sealed bearings
Origin8 FB-1100 Front Axle Adapters
- End cap for Origin8 FB-1100 fat bike hubs
Origin8 RD-1200 11s Campy Replacement Cassette Body
Replacement cassette body for Origin8 RD-1200 series rear hubs - Supplier Part: QA1R - Use: Campy 11s - Bearing Type: Sealed - Compatibility: RD-1200
Origin8 MT-3200 End Caps
- End cap for Origin8 MT-3200 hubs - Spacing / Axle: 148mm
Origin8 FB-1100 Axle Adapters
- Adapters for FB-1100 series Hubs - Material: Aly - Color: Blk
Origin8 Presta Valve Cores
- Replacement Presta valves cores - Fits tubes with removable Presta cores and tubeless valves - Sold in pairs
Origin8 Fatbike Quick-Release Skewer Set
• Quick-release skewer set for fatbikes • 135mm front/170mm rear
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