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Our Story

Bikes and Moore Store

More Than Just a Bike Shop

For some people, a bicycle is just another fixture in the garage to be hauled out and used when the mood strikes. Chances are if you've arrived at this website, you are definitely not one of those people. For the rest of us, a bike is much more. It's the fun, the freedom, the whole "wind in the hair and bugs in the teeth" experience. We understand that feeling better than most. In fact, all of the team members at Bikes & Moore are riders themselves. We are committed to sharing our combined first hand experience of over 75 years to help you find the bike and gear that suits your needs, as well as your budget. Please accept this as your personal invitation to stop by and see what we have to offer. Whether it's for fitness, racing, commuting, or just plain  fun, we're never too busy to take the time to chat with you and help you find and maintain the bike of your dreams.

We Believe in Bikes.

In The Beginning...

The story of Bikes and Moore began in the winter of 1979. Tim Moore felt there had to be a better way. A better way to find the parts and service he needed for his early 70's Jeunet 10 speed bike. A better way to earn a living and manage to stay in Kentucky, his transplanted home since 1976 with his wife, Barbara.

With that in mind, he sought out the advice of a local attorney, who turned out to be a cycling enthusiast, a short term partner in the venture, and a life-long friend. Armed with a very limited knowledge of the business world and even more limited line of credit at an interest rate that would make a loan shark blush, the two set out to start what they hoped would be at the very least a way to get bikes and parts for wholesale and continue to fuel their passion for the sport of bicycling. The official first day of business as Bikes and Moore was March 10, 1980. The rest, as they say, is history.

Predictably, the start was slow, but the growth was steady, if just barely measurable. By 1985, they had outgrown their small World War I era rental space, so the walls came down and the space was doubled. At about that same time, a 15 year old shop rat (a mostly affectionate term for a frequenter of a bike shop) named Dave Diamond was put on the payroll, if bike parts can be considered payroll. From that day till today, Dave has been an integral part of Bikes and Moore. See the Staff page for more details.

Five more years passed, and it was time to upsize again. This time the move would be to a newer, larger location. About 80 years newer and 3 times larger, to be exact. With the new location came new products. Trek and Specialized bikes were added to the mix, as was outdoor adventure gear. Although backpacking, camping, and rock climbing gear made for some interesting weekend product demos, the decision was made to refocus on what they did best-bikes. Once again, a better way to move forward. It was also determined that the only way to be a first class store was to have first class facility. Back to the drawing board to design and build (literally) from the ground up a new building that would accommodate such a store. In July of 1998, the building was completed and on a hot 4th of July weekend, Bikes and Moore conducted their own parade of tools, equipment, parts, and of course, bikes from the old store to the new one.

Fast forward to 2007: With over 5,000 new bikes sold since the last move, it happened again. Too much business for too little space. Another expansion and remodel resulted in a larger showroom and warehouse space, and an expanded and updated tech area. To this day, the store continues to be tweaked whenever needed to assure their customers receive only the most up-to-date products and services in a clean, modern environment.

Despite all the growth and changes over the past 36 years, one thing remains consistent: their commitment to bring only the absolute best in bikes, parts, and service to the bicycling community. Bikes and Moore firmly believes that bicycles are one of the major components of that better way forward and is proud to be part of that movement.